“Just Cause You Are a Millennial Doesn’t Mean You Have to Look Like One: 5 Ways to Lose Collagen and Look Old Fast”

Sometimes it is hard being a millennial.  You are piled down with student debt and you are insecure that you are the youngest person in the office.  We may not be able to help you with the student loans (sorry), but we can help you present yourself as older.  By depleting your skin of collagen you can enjoy the benefits of rapid aging, without having to wait for your golden years!

 Sunbathing depletes collagenStep One: Bake in the Sun and Rob Your Skin of Collagen

A recent study by the University of Michagan finds that just two exposures of Ultra Violet A1 rays caused a breakdown in collagen, a protein which makes skin firm and youthful.  Some dermatologists report seeing “the collagen-damaging effects of repetitive sun or tanning booth exposure — with people in their 20s and 30s coming in for other conditions, but with clear signs of premature aging to their skin.” [1]


Step Two: Smoke Like a ChimneySmoking reduces collagen production

Ever notice that smokers seem to develop more wrinkles than non-smokers?  This is in part because smoking reduces collagen production by an average of 18-22%.[2]  One way to accelerate your aging is to smoke a pack a day and produce less collagen.


Step 3: Stay up late!  Bonus points if you stay up late stressing out!

Practice the skills you learned in college and see how little you can sleep and

still function.  Sleep deprivation causes stress on the body and chronic stress breaks down the collagen in your skin.[3]  In order to maximize the damage to your skin, you can stay up late and stress out at the same time.  Just think about work, or the amount of money it will cost to send little Johnny to College in 15 years.

Step Four: Become Chronically Dehydrated

You can chose whether you wish to do this through increased alcohol consumption, or just by not drinking enough water.  Eight glasses a day?  Nobody has time for that!  By failing to maintain adequate hydration you are ensuring that your collagen strands start to crack and become stuck together.[4]  Voila, wrinkles begin to form.

Step 5: Avoid Foods That Boost Collagen Production

Some foods help increase collagen production.  If your goal is to look old, these should be avoided at all costs. Berries, Eggs, Tomatoes, Leafy Greens, Avacadoes, Salmon, and Bone Broth will seriously slow you down on your quest to look older.

But what if I don’t want to look old?  What can I do to help keep my skin healthy. 

For those of you who want to keep your skin looking younger, longer, it may be a great idea to start supplementing with collagen peptides.  Prisma Natural uses the most absorbable and bioavailable form of collagen to make sure that it gets to the tissues where it is needed.  Sometimes, life throws you some curve balls and you aren’t able to take as good care of your skin as you would like.  Prisma Natural can help you stay on track. Visit our online store to see what collagen products we offer.

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