How Collagen Powder Helps Your Skin Better Than Creams

Getting your young skin back just by applying an ointment sounds too good to be true, and it probably is. But supporting healthy skin with an oral collagen powder is possible, and studies indicate it works better than collagen-based cosmetics.


The key difference between collagen powder supplements and topical creams is bioavailability. This is the portion of a drug or supplement that can get into the bloodstream and reach the targeted area.

It’s easier for the digestive system to absorb things because that’s how nutrition works. Collagen molecules have to be broken into smaller bits called peptides to get through the intestinal wall. But those peptides form collagen fast and quickly rejuvenate your skin where it needs it.

So here are some ways that a collagen powder supplement can help your skin.

Collagen powder can help your skin better than topical creams

It reduces wrinkles

Up to 80% of your skin is made up of collagen, with elastin and keratin making up the rest. A healthy body produces plenty of its own collagen, but that production slows down with age. Lower collagen production causes wrinkles, because fewer new cells come in to replace older ones.

The importance of collagen for skin health is common knowledge, and the cosmetic industry sells collagen skin creams and ointments. But collagen molecules are usually too big to be absorbed by the dermis and hypodermis, the inner layers of skin where the supplement is most needed. These products might moisturize the outer layer, or epidermis, but they won’t do much more.

There is however research to indicate that that orally taking collagen peptides can reduce skin wrinkles. Absorbing the peptides into the blood means higher bioavailability.

It can reduce inflammation

For one thing, collagen contains the amino acid proline. Research suggests proline may work in the cerebral cortex to reduce the effects of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which causes inflammation.

Research  also found evidence to support the traditional belief, common in some cultures, that skin reflects intestinal health. It’s called the gut-skin axis, and it’s the reason skin inflammations correlate with intestinal problems. Collagen can improve intestinal heath because it is a critical component of the gut lining. By supporting gut health, collagen can help keep down skin inflammation.

It reduces cellulite and stretch marks

Cellulite is when fat in the hypodermal layer pokes through the dermal layer because of holes or thin spots in the connective tissue. Stretch marks are when the skin is stretched too fast or too far, damaging the skin’s elastic fibers. This can happen to pregnant women, or to men and women who gain or lose a lot of weight.

Both these problems have to do with low collagen production in the dermal layer. As we said above, that’s too deep for topical creams to reach. But the higher bioavailability of collagen peptides from oral supplements gives you a much better chance of renewing the tissue in that area.

Better than collagen alone

Some collagen powder supplements supply other nutrients as well, which likewise absorb better through the intestine than the skin. Vitamin C particularly is necessary for collagen production. All Prisma Natural’s collagen formulas include vitamin C to help your body’s collagen production utilize the peptides from the powder. To learn more, visit our store.

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