Collagen can help women maintain proper hormonal balance

Collagen Benefits For Women’s Health

You’ve heard of collagen, of course: the recent health trend where we extract a certain protein from the unused parts of animals and take it as a daily supplement. The most commonly touted benefit is healthier skin, though there are said to be many others. But first …

Does it really work?

There are skeptics, of course, but some may have had bad results because they tried the wrong kind. For a few years now, bone broth has been a trendy way to try to get collagen – a simple, do-it-yourself way. But unfortunately your body can’t absorb collagen straight from the animal because it’s too big. Individual pieces of collagen are called fibrils, and they’re not small enough to pass through the intestinal wall like other nutrients. To fix that, there’s a process called hydrolysis in which they use steam to break the fibrils into pieces called peptides, small enough to be absorbed.

Once absorbable, collagen can reach the skin and start renewing it. It makes up 75% of your skin, so as your collagen production decreases with age (by about 1% a year, starting in your 20s), cells don’t cycle through as fast, they stay in the tissue longer, and your whole skin gets less flexible and smooth. And there is evidence that if you take it in peptide form, consistently and as directed, it can reduce the ageing effects on skin.

Inner benefits

Collagen is found in almost every part of the body, so rather than talk about all its potential effects, let’s just focus on how it can help maintain proper hormone balance.

There is evidence that hydrolyzed collagen can help get a woman’s metabolism back to ideal levels if it has dropped due to estrogen deficiency. A good metabolism supports good thyroid function, and a healthy thyroid reduces the imbalance of the stress hormone cortisol.

The intestines are made up mostly of the same type of collagen as the skin, so they too can benefit from bioavailable collagen. Leaky gut syndrome can lead to inflammation and severe hormonal reactions. Research has suggested that increased collagen levels can help repair the intestinal damage of leaky gut syndrome.

Collagen is also a good source of some amino acids which the body needs to regulate hormone levels right. Some of them, like glutamine, proline, glycine, and arginine, are much more plentiful than in other proteins, including commercially available protein powders.

Choosing a collagen supplement

If you want to try the benefits of a collagen supplement, like we said earlier, make sure it’s hydrolyzed and made up of peptides. Collagen PLUS Woman from Prisma Natural goes even further, with additives to boost the effects of the collagen:

  • Wild yam for cramp relief
  • Boswelia for inflammation
  • Maca and black cohosh root for mood swings
  • Sage for bone and skin health
  • Organic silicon for bone and ligament health
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