Like anything else you do for your long term health, collagen only works if you stay consistent with it. But it can be hard to fit a daily collagen dose into your busy life. It’s so easy to forget part of your morning routine before leaving the house, and when I get home I often just want to unwind and not bother with responsibilities. Fortunately, if you’re trying to boost your body’s collagen production, there are plenty of small lifestyle changes that can help make sure you get your daily supplement.

A daily collagen supplement can fit into even the busiest life

Keep a supply at work

If you have a job where most of your work is done in one place, you could just keep a jar of collagen powder at your desk or in your cube. It can get a little trickier for people who have to go to multiple worksites or drive around a lot.

If had a highly mobile job, I would keep a plastic jar of it with a measuring scoop in my gym bag so it would always be ready at hand whenever it was time for my supplement. Just to be safe, I would not put it in a bag, not only because it might break, but because white powder in a bag might look like something illegal. And depending on where you are when you take your supplement, you can put in in your coffee, mix it in with soup, or if nothing else, with water.


And by the way, if you’re trying to stay healthy on the go, you need to carry a water bottle with you wherever you’re allowed to (which is basically everywhere except the airport). Proper hydration helps your metabolism and brain function, and some people even find it reduces snacking urges. With supply of powder in your vehicle or gym bag, and an ever-present water bottle, you’ll be able to take your collagen supplement basically anywhere.

Two kinds

Don’t forget that collagen can be found in both powder and pill form, and if one doesn’t fit conveniently into your lifestyle, the other might work much better. The pills are quick to take, need no mixing, and can be easily carried. Pill cases already exist since so many people have the carry pills with them, so it should be easy to have one for your car and maybe one for your gym bag. And with the powder it is easy to keep multiple days’ worth of supplement in one place.

And hey, if you’re trying to be your healthiest self and you’re already carrying a bottle around, why not mix yourself some kind of green juice? Kale, cucumber, spinach, celery, maybe even avocado, there are plenty of things to make a healthy snack to carry around till the right time, and that would also be a great thing to mix your collagen powder into. Here’s a recipe you could try.

Whatever delivery method you use, bear in mind that your collagen supplement should be hydrolyzed. Full-sized collagen fibrils can’t pass through the stomach wall into the bloodstream, so hydrolysis breaks them into smaller peptides that can. Choose a hydrolyzed supplement like Prisma Natural SPORT, which like all Prisma Natural products is infused with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and other collagen-boosting ingredients. To learn more about our collagen supplements and what’s in them, see our product page.

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