This week in honor of Cinco de Mayo we are bringing you three delicious, fast, easy, and healthy recipes for a fiesta.  Each day we will be sharing a new recipe that tastes amazing on its own and can be incorporated into one delicious main dish.  Yesterday we shared Mango Pico de Gallo,  today we are sharing a recipe for creamy cabbage slaw.

On to the recipe!

We chose to hand shred the cabbage and were able to get it all done while the fish for the tacos was in the oven (recipe coming tomorrow), but for an even faster meal prep, you can buy pre-shredded cabbage.

Homemade mayo goes great as an ingredient in this dish.  Here is a recipe for dairy free, gluten free paleo homemade mayo.

See you tomorrow for the final recipe for your fiesta!  In the meantime, pin this one so that you have it easily accessible in the future.


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