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Our experts and customers share their experience with Collagen Plus

Dr. Michael Hasz
M.D., FACS, Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon

The evidence of clinical studies increasingly demonstrates the broad health benefits of collagen supplements. We see a reduction in joint inflammation and less discomfort and stiffness in osteoarthritic patients. Collagen peptides maintain bone mineral density, which makes them an important player in preventing bone loss. And they act as a trigger to increase the body’s own collagen production, which has tremendous benefits such as fighting against cartilage degradation.

As a beauty expert I was excited to try Prisma Natural’s Collagen and opted or the “Woman” formulation. The results are excellent: my skin is softer from head to toe and it has more cushion making fine lines disappear. I have more vitality in everyday activities and my sleep has improved significantly; and I recover more quickly from my workouts and feel it especially in my joints. This powdered collagen is truly effective and so easy to incorporate in my daily beauty regimen.

Jasmin El Kordi
Jasmin El Kordi
Director Yoga Programs Crossfit 286

Collagen FlexiPlus is my new fountain of youth. At a recent one month Yoga training course I suddenly felt very achy and my joints hurt. At first I thought it was the intensity of the yoga training (3 hours daily), but I quickly I realized I had not taken my FlexiPlus for the past two days. I ran to my room and took my supplement. 2 hours later my pain was gone and I felt great for the remaining 14 days. As an avid yoga practitioner I need the extra joint and ligament support – so glad I found Collagen FlexiPlus!!

Sarah Scholl
Sarah Scholl
Crossfit Games Athlete, Strength & Nutrition Coach

Training 7 hours a day requires a full focus on recovery. I do whatever I possibly can to take care of my body so that I can perform at my best every day. Since adding Prisma Natural Collagen Plus Sport to my daily routine, my joints and muscles feel renewed and this new health has allowed me to continuously get stronger.