Summertime is here, and so is the heat!  This smoothie is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day.  Take a sip and imagine you are relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere.

The kale and spinach give a veggie boost, the pineapple gives it a nice sweetness, the coconut water provides rehydrating electrolytes, the avocado supplies a nice creamy touch, and then the Prisma Natural powder supplies some protein.

In the process of picking up ingredients for this recipe, we discovered that our local grocery store sells frozen avocado.  Perfect for making smoothies!  While I prefer the fresh avocados for most cooking, it can be tricky to get them at just the right ripeness for recipes that you plan on using them later in the week.

Some people have described this as a green virgin Piña Colada since it has coconut and pineapple.  Even if you don’t like Piña Coladas (or getting caught in the rain for that matter) give this recipe a try since the mint and lime give it a different twist.  Cheers to summer!

Green smoothie in mason jar with lime and mint garnish

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