Collagen can slow the effects of aging while promoting athletes' heath

Collagen is an essential building block of the body, and its most abundant protein, making up 85% of our connective tissue and 90% of our skin. Collagen production slows down as we age, leading to joint pain, sagging skin, and even weaker bones. Though there is no “fountain of youth,” a regular collagen supplement can ease some of these effects of ageing.

But other companies out there offer collagen products, so why Prisma Natural?


Some companies sell collagen in gelatin form. But while it is convenient as an ingredient in a lot of cooking, very little of it can be absorbed because of its size. The strands from gelatin are too big to pass through the intestinal wall with other nutrients.

To make collagen absorbable and bioavailable, we use a process called hydrolysis to break it down. In their normal state, collagen fibrils are at least 300kDa. Gelatin is only partially hydrolyzed, so its strands have a weight of 50kDa (Daltons being a weight unit on the molecular level). Full hydrolysis results in peptides of about 5kDa, small enough for absorption. This process is absolutely essential to bioavailability, and it’s why bone broth and gelatin can never substitute.

The right size

We also start with marine collagen because it is the optimal form for supplements. Studies have shown that marine collagen more easily breaks into smaller peptides, making it easier for the digestive system to absorb the nutrients in our products.

Some companies sell supplements with even smaller peptides, at 2kDa or lower. It may seem intuitive that smaller is more absorbable and therefore better. But research suggests that slightly larger peptides reach the target tissue more effectively than those smaller ones because, by preserving more of their coiled shape, they bond together more easily. That is why we hydrolyze our collagen to the ideal size of around 5kDa.

Topical creams

Some companies offer topical collagen creams specifically for the skin. But the collagen in them can only help the skin, and not the joints, bones, or other areas. The skin is also less absorbent than the intestinal wall, making direct skin application an inefficient way to get collagen. The improvement from collagen creams may be due more to their other moisturizing ingredients.

Bonus additives

At Prisma Natural, we also enhance our products with additives that can help the effectiveness of the supplement itself:

  • Hyaluronic acid which hydrates skin
  • Organic silicon, which is good for bones and connective tissue
  • Vitamin C, completely essential to collagen production
  • Several more, depending on which formula you use

Prisma Natural is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best with our innovative collagen supplements, combining the healing power of nature with data-driven science. We believe that nature has what our bodies need to thrive, and that with research, we can leverage the power of nutrition to reach our healthiest selves. To learn more about our supplements and ingredients in them, see our products page.

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